No Notice Will Give Stocks, But A Change::Hera Spa, The Italy, (CXE:HER.M.IX)

Expert / News / Mathematics / ENP / Wednesday, September 04, 2019, the Italy’s Company Hera Spa, HER.M.IX belongs to the exchange of CXE, “Gainthe change rate from the last trade session.

Review Of The Hera Spa In Stock Exchange CXE (Italy):

The bussiness of the Company Hera Spa (CXE : HER.M.IX) started at $3.684, while the Previous price remained at $3.624 and ended at $3.646 with the difference of $0.022, with the percentage of 0.61%.

Historical Changing Tendency:

Current Change with percentage: $0.022, 0.61%

05 Days change with percentage: $0.032, 0.77%

01 Month change with percentage: $0.24, 7.05%

03 Months changes with percentage: $0.372, 11.36%

09 Months changes with percentage: $1.148, 45.96%

52 weeks Changes with percentage: $0.898, 32.68%

05 Days / 01 Month / 03 Months High & 05 Days / 01 Month / 03 Months Low Prices Of HER.M.IX, Hera Spa:

It is a technical and important part to determine a stock’s current value and predicting future price movement. The highest price over the last 05 days was remained at $3.709 with the high-percentage of -1.7%. The Lowest price over the last 05 days was remained at $3.6 with the low-percentage of 1.28%. In the same way, one-month High Price was $3.709 and Low price was $3.356 and 03-months High Price was $3.709 while Low price was $3.274.

05 Days / 20 Days / 50 Days / 100 Days & 200 Days Moving Averages (MA):

A Moving Average (MA) is based on past prices. General, traders can enhance the responsiveness of a Moving Average by decreasing the period and smooth-out movements by increasing the period. Below mentioned shows the Moving Averages of the Company Hera Spa, of exchange CXE:

        • Five – Days Moving Average (MA): 3.633
        • Twenty – Days Moving Average (MA): 3.501
        • Fifty – Days Moving Average (MA): 3.468
        • One Hundered -Days Moving Average (MA): 3.366
        • Two Hundered – Days Moving Average (MA) : 3.106

Stochastic / Stochastic %K / Stochastic %D / True Rang (HER.M.IX, Hera Spa):

In technical analysis of securities trading, the stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator that uses support and resistance levels. It is used to show when a stock has moved into an overbought or oversold position. The premise of stochastic is that when stock trends upwards, its closing price trends to trade at the high end of the day’s range or price action.

Durations Stochastic (%D) Stochastic % Stochastic (%K) True Rang %
09 (Days) 68.67% 72% 67.77% 0.061%
14 Days) 78.56% 82.15% 78.75% 0.06%
20 Days) 78.56% 82.15% 78.75% 0.059%
50 Days) 81.13% 84.29% 81.3% 0.055%
100 (Days) 87.33% 89.45% 87.44% 0.055%
The Stochastic Oscillator may be represented in two lines: The main line called “%K” and the 2nd line called “%D” is a Moving Average of %K.

Relative Strength of the Hera Spa:

Relative strength is a ratio of a stock price performance to a market average (index) performance. The percentage of 09 & 14 Days Relative Strength recorded as: 09 (Days) Relative Strength: 76.53%,  14 (Days) Relative Strength: 17.85%

Technical Trading Indicator of Volume:

The Company’s Hera Spa current volume recorded at 496667 with the percent of 7.04%. Last-Day’s volume of the company was recorded at 288143. It’s important to indicate Average Volumes, the 05-Days Average Volume was recorded at 492769 and 20-Days Average Volume was recorded at 464011.

Gap-Up & Gap-Down Prices with percentage:

The current high trading price of the Company Hera Spa recorded at $3.694 and current low trading price recorded at $3.642 at which stock traded during the course of the day. GAP-UP: The Gap-Up $0.038 is the difference between the current session’s open and the last session’s High and Gap-up percentage became 1.04%. GAP-DOWN: The Gap-Down $0.084 is the difference between the current session’s open and the last session’s Low and Gap-down percentage became 2.33%.

One Year Return Percentage:

The percentage of one-Year Return of HER.M.IX recorded at 32.68%.