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No Indication of Spacecraft Launch or even Preparations For Engine Experiment: Satellite Facility Sohae.

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The latest satellite commercial images released of the Sohae Satellite Launch station shows no signs of arrangements for either a missile launch or engine check while the infrastructure is in operation.

The  Sohae Satellite Launching Station’s commercial satellite imagery shows that while the facility is undergoing maintenance, no observable indications of a rocket launch or engine test preparations are available. 

Photos from 23 December indicate efforts to remove snow from the roads heading to all major installations. Additional progress is inevitable with about two small segments from the Vertical Engine Test Stand to the VIP Evaluation Facility. Ice is still visible on the test stand itself.

In the photos, attempts to strip snow from all the major roads are on-going. The most progress made with only two short segments on the path between the vertical engine test stand and the VIP observatory device. Snow still hides in the test stand.

In parallel to roads entry streets, parking areas and courtyards, the administration and safety headquarters location, the horizontal assembly structure, the NADA management, and launch management structure, the VIP accommodation region and the housing and support region cleared. The snow-clearing trend implies that these structures get staffed as design also starts from the entrances to the building.

In the areas of the administration and defense headquarters sector, the horizontal assembly house, NADA administration and lunch control center, the VIP living area, VIP surveillance room, and the accommodation and service area, clear up is still on process, including highways, entertainment channels, parking lots and court. The snow removal design indicates that these facilities have a blueprint because the method always starts from the approaches to the house.

The picture from 14 January shows a few further actions. At the safety checkpoint of the engine’s test stand is what seems to be a tiny truck or minivan. A group of four vehicles, probably leaving the unit, drive on the pathway coming from the security checkpoint. Such machines have unclear purposes.

The Image shows few other activities happening as well. The security control point of the engine test stand shows what appears to be a small truck. There is a convoy of four small vans on the road outside of the security checkpoint, possibly leaving the facility. The purpose of these vehicles is still not clear to the public.

Removal of snow has started on the launch platform around the central processing facility, but progress has proved minimal.

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