Ripple could the crypto industry charge

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2020 could be the year crypto companies take the step forward and go public. While the industry’s biggest players are carefully looking for ways to get regulatory approval, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse announced at the prestigious Davos World Economic Forum summit that the company would consider going public later in the year. But this year the bitcoin halving 2020 can have strong impact on the price of bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies like ripple and others

Crypto companies that want to go public are faced with a paradox. Financial companies often have to comply with strict regulatory standards. Failure to reassure regulators sufficiently may result in companies being excluded from lucrative markets or being forced to cease operations entirely. However, it is not so easy to just jump to the other end of the spectrum and integrate as much into the financial mainstream as it sounds. Many investors and established financial companies are reluctant to take the high risk associated with crypto or do not understand digital currencies at all.

However, there are notable exceptions. Many of the world’s financial titans are experimenting with both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. A global race to develop central bank digital currencies is underway. The world’s largest technology companies are also working on ambitious stable coin systems that could change the payment world as we know it. The ideas are there, but companies are struggling to assert themselves. The increase in the use of cryptocurrencies has also increased people demand for freelance jobs and freelance projects

Not even the titans of the industry could go public. Bitmain, once classified as practically untouchable with a self-assessment of over $ 1 billion, had several failed IPOs before falling victim to fierce fighting between the two founders.

But it can be done. Pro-Crypto Silvergate Bank was launched on the New York Stock Exchange on November 7. Canaan, the outsider in the battle for the top spot with his Chinese mining rival Bitmain for a long time, limped across the finish line at the end of November last year. With these companies at the top, Ripple is clearly not far behind.

Davos is widely regarded as one of the most important meetings of the world’s financial and political elite. The international summit is criticized by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a place where billionaires make “champagne quaffle”. It attracts decision makers from all over the world.

In a lecture sponsored by Ripple at the World Economic Forum, Garlinghouse took the view that IPOs in both crypto and blockchain will be more common in the coming year. More importantly, the CEO emphasized that Ripple itself would be such a company that dares to go public in 2020:

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