The Return of Hummer As An Electric Automobile

Press Release

The Humvee found its way as the sole off-road automotive, a vehicle capable of getting any U.S. army attempt-throws. It could propel up the steepest slopes and take on the most hardened ground. Regardless of the outcome, its big Diesel engines V8, were more than ready to punch the throttle The Humvee was never sufficient, though–but it will improve.

The original HUMMER’s civilian model is restored and will this time bring power to the electric powertrains to provide people with the same robust experience. At present, the brand only starts a couple of teasers with an upgraded HUMMER grill, but only before its official release on 20 May, we were able to gather up little facts about it.

In its new electrically powered format, the newly designed electric HUMMER EV will provide 1000 horsepower. This power is hypercar level of strength, and the latest Hummer is sure to be an exciting player on the road, with electric engines setting down a narrow torque. The new HUMMER has an enormous 11,500 lb-ft torque, which it expects to propel the new HUMMER EV in 3 seconds from 0–60.

When the HUMMER EV launches in Fall 2021, it will be GMC’s first electric vehicle to lead a so-called quiet revolution. Loudness, smell, and clunky nature of engines are not shortcomings anymore. The next-generation automobiles, just like Tesla’s cars in some segments over the years, would quietly kill the diesel or fuel automobile close to them on the street or stoplight.

GMC has developed a new range of ads for the ultimate stage: the Super Bowl, to share its excitement on this quiet revolution.

Duncan Aldred, vice chairman of Global Buick plus GMC, said: “GMC is developing luxurious and competent SUVs and GMC HUMMER is bringing it to new heights.” The new ad line shows the stark difference between loud, dominant transportation modes from the past and the promised silent powered electric cars. “We are thrilled to premiere our radical zero-emissions truck in TV advertising on the greatest Night.”

At its assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, General Motors expects to build a new HUMMER EV in Michigan, which CleanTechnica recently heard about in discussions with GM President Mark Reuss as well as other GM execs steering their electricity revolution. There are still no words about the volume of production or battery supply for the new HUMMER EV. We will be able to gain further information as it is released.

All of the official HUMMER EV details are now on the page.

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