United States Space Force accelerates satellite wireless radio for dangerous missions

Press Release

United States Space Force 21st, 4th Space Control Squadron, is your sole operating the Counter Communication Structure (CCS Block 10.2) in Peterson Air Force Base located in Colorado. The Counter Communication Structure was initially introduced back in 2004. An upgraded version by the name’CCS Block 10.2′ completed its own exercises and will be set up for its very first mission sometime after this year, as confirmed by Space and Missile Structures on 3 February to SpaceNews.

According WASHINGTON news report, the United States army can send a version of earth-situated communicating radio apparatus to block adversaries’ satellite transmission. Ground operators make use of a rival entrance to be refuted by the structure to transmissions from satellite shortly. Over time, Air Force advanced the CCS Block 10.2 satellite with few bands of frequencies along with other technology upgrades. The 10.2 improvement has additional software, that includes grown for the past five decades. L3Harris received a partnership bargain in 2014 to get Counter Communication Structure Block 10.2. United States Space Force Accelerates advanced satellite Communicating Wireless Apparatus for dangerous missions

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