What negative effects on the body can cause protein intake

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What is protein and how does it affect the body. Its types and possible side effects. Effects on the liver, potency and kidneys.

Sports nutrition has become part of the success for many athletes. Proteins, gainers, amino acids – these and a number of other supplements have allowed to achieve excellent results, increase strength and endurance, add muscle and improve health. Scientists did not stand aside. They have done a lot of research into the effects of sports supplements. Particular attention was paid to such an aspect as side effects and general harm to the body. However, many agreed that such supplements do not carry health risks.

Despite proven safety, Testosterone undecanoate for sale is still a concern for beginners. In particular, many believe that the protein has strong side effects, and taking it is dangerous to health. But is it really so?


The effect of protein on the body

Few people know, but the proteins that we take every day, and those that are part of the protein, are absolutely identical in nature. The only difference is the cleaning method. Protein supplementation is made from natural foods such as soybeans, egg whites, whey, wheat and so on. Therefore, it is not a problem for the body to assimilate all the elements that enter it. In this case, gastrointestinal tract disorders, kidney and liver problems – all this is practically excluded.

On the other hand, the benefits that protein provides are invaluable:

  • replenishes the supply of amino acids, which are always in short supply (especially during active training);
  • damaged muscle fibers are restored, which contributes to the rapid growth of mass;
  • the work of “supercompensation” starts when all available reserves are promptly closed;
  • metabolic processes are activated and, as a result, the food entering the body is absorbed faster;
  • catabolism stops, which often causes the destruction of muscle tissue.


Types of additives and negative effects

As practice shows, each protein can have a special effect on the body. However, some side effects are still possible:

  1. Egg protein is an ideal option for sports nutrition, characterized by maximum benefits and high absorption rate. But excessive consumption of supplements can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences. In particular, the risk of thyroid dysfunction and, as a result, malfunctions in the hormonal background of the body increases. But do not be afraid. Such side effects are possible only with extreme abuse of the supplement, when the daily dose is more than 200 grams over a long period of time. But even with the appearance of side effects from protein, they do not require special treatment. It is enough to pause admission and give the body 2-3 weeks to recover. On the other hand, for a professional athlete skipping training for several weeks is already a disaster. So it is important to take protein with extreme caution.
  2. Milk protein. The only negative of this supplement is the presence of lactose. The latter organism does not always absorb, which can manifest as an upset stomach. In practice, similar problems are found in almost 20% of all athletes. In the future, it all depends on the body: 
    • lactose does not digest at all. In such a situation, taking milk protein becomes a futile activity;
    • lactose is absorbed, but only partially, which will lead to intestinal upset and a number of other unpleasant consequences;
    • lactose will lead to an allergic reaction, which is manifested in extremely rare cases.
  1. Casein. Here, side effects can only be caused by the component composition of the supplement. The latter, as in the situation with milk protein, can lead to disruptions in the digestive tract.
  2. Soy protein. Despite its plant nature, this type of protein is known for its negative effect on testosterone levels. In addition, excessive intake of the supplement can lead to a decrease in anabolic processes. At the same time, soy protein is not dangerous for women.
  3. Complex proteins. If you have problems with the absorption of one of the above types of protein, then when buying a complex supplement, you should carefully read the composition. With the right choice, you can eliminate many side effects.



Effect on the liver and potency

Separately, it is worth mentioning the myths about the harmful effects of sports nutrition on male strength and the “filter” of our body. And in the first and second case, no negative effects are observed. If you follow the dosage and follow the recommendations of specialists, then all the elements received will be digested, and the excess will simply leave the body. As for potency, here the main “culprit” is soy protein. It is he who suppresses testosterone and reduces male libido. On the other hand, with moderate intake and it is not dangerous.




Thus, the main danger of protein is in the characteristics of the body of each individual person. If there is an individual intolerance to one or another component, then side effects are not excluded. Otherwise, you can safely take the protein. The main thing is to observe the dosage.

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